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Incubator.coop has run a few webinars now.  (See previously recorded).

We have been putting them on as part of the accelerator program that we are running.  They have provided the cohort of projects in the program with a bit of weekly wisdom and an opportunity to get their own issues aired with an expert.

The webinar format has proven so popular and effective that we will probably keep going with these after the cohort has finished their accelerator program.


In this webinar we learned that crowdfunding is more than just the funding.  It is also more work than just setting up a page and expecting it to go viral.  Enjoy this content by Jill Storey of Ready Fund Go


In order to execute well our time used every day feeds into priorities that achieve what is strategically important in order to grow into the organisation we desire.  In this Webinar, Tristan Boyd shares with us the power of startup execution.  It is great content for the Co-op world

Tristan has kindly agreed to do some more training for any incubator.coop projects interested in using the 1-page plan methodology.

If you are interested then sign up to the next series of Webinar.