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Thank you for your support

Andrew, Paul, Antony, Jill and Rohan

incubator.coop board, Incubator.coop

We had a successful crowdfunding campaign raising $6300 and securing 30+ members.

The video below details what comes next, but in written summary:

  • We’ll be finalising documentation, insurances and some pretty bland stuff.
  • We’ll be shipping your crowdfunding rewards including bottles of ‘secret sauce’.
  • We’ll be “soft” launching this month with our campaign supporters and people already invited as the first 50 members.
  • We’ll be remaining flexible on the “hard” launch date, as we’re getting exciting opportunities to help develop the platform, get grants and we want the feedback from the first 50.

In all, we’re just so excited to be going from concept to reality and we couldn’t have done it without you and your help.

Thank you again to all our supporters.