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Valley and Plains Renewable Energy Co-op

Valley and Plains Renewable Energy Co-op is one of 8 Projects going through the incubator.coop Accelerator Program.

The cohort consists of:




Verge CoHousing A CoHousing Co-op (Adelaide, SA) Elle Vallance
Valley and Plains Renewable Energy A renewable energy Co-op (Barossa Valley, SA) Rachel Brdanovic
Rock and Ranges Craft Brewery Co-op A Co-op micro brewery (Macedon Ranges, VIC) Luke Spievogal
TideWater A Worker Co-op with an innovation that de-salinates seawater into freshwater using tide and gravity energy only (Adelaide, SA) Sir Charlie Madden
Loconomics Australia Platform Co-op for booking household and personal services from local suppliers (Melbourne, VIC) Sam Waterhouse
NeedsMap Australia A platform for connecting charitable needs with donors using a smart-map interface (Melbourne, VIC) Rohan Clarke
Chooks SA A 2000+ strong online community fighting for gender equality seeking to become a Co-op (Adelaide, SA) Moira Were
Carbon Farming Collective A platform for trading of ACCU (Carbon offsets) using blockchain settlements (Townsville, QLD) Daryl Killin

Valley and Plains Renewable Energy Co-op

Origin South Australia Type Renewable Energy Co-Op Stage Mature / Pre-launch

Noteworthy: Renewable Energy Co-operatives are poised for growth and establishing one in this context is a potential first of many.

The idea: 

Install solar on small business and community organisations through members funds using PPA arrangements which will allow a modest return to members.

Enable community organisations and small business to access benefit of renewable energy. Enable community members to invest in local renewables. Profits to assist in equitable access to renewables and Energy efficiency

Strengths Ready to create legal structure and documentation. Have potential projects lined up. Almost ready to open for members.  


  • Legal structure
  • Accounting overview of business plan
  • Marketing.
  • Essentially access to professional services required.

What they need

  • Worried about how to manage member records etc.
  • Looking for legal, financial oversight on disclosure agreement and PPA.

Founder Notes Rachel is a long term member of incubator.coop and is a renewable energy consultant.  She is connected within the sector.

What is the Accelerator Program?

Beginning on the 4th of February and running for 8-weeks is the first Accelerator Program being run for creating new member-owned organisations.

There are already many incubators for investor-owned companies and even some incubators for social enterprises, but this is the first incubator run to assist the creation of new member-owned businesses.

The incubation process takes an idea – or Project – through 4-stages: Forming, Organising, Funding and Operating.

A project is improved upon at each stage with the direct assistance of the membership of Incubator Co-operative.  For example a Project might need a website and they will agree a deferred-payment arrangement with a web designer who is also a member of incubator.coop.

Not all projects will offer deferred-payment arrangements, some will pay directly for work, some will ask for a freebie and some will offer the equivalent type of sweat-for-equity arrangement that a startup might provide.

Incubator.coop provides the ‘ecosystem’ that allows members to assist Projects through the critically important early stages of formation, planning, launching and compliance of member-owned organisations.

Do you want to help the Valley and Plains Renewable Energy Project?

Social Membership

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As a Co-operative Member you get all the benefits of a Social Member plus:

  • Vote on the direction of incubator.coop
  • Access courses, webinars, web-tools and software
  • Exchange with other Members using the security of a Treaty
  • Nominate / Become a Mentor

$24 per annum + $1 Member Share