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Do you want to know more about co-ops?

Come and join the Co-op Incubator for an evening of information, practical assistance and local examples.

Four South Australian groups are in the process of forming, organising, funding and operating within the Co-op Incubator.  This evening will be an opportunity to get a peek into their plans and progress, a chance for you to self-assess if a co-op is the way you can get your idea off the ground.

You will be invited to hear their learning and their challenges as a real living lab and then test out your idea


Mon 4th Feb, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

16 Hindmarsh Ave, Welland SA 5007, Australia


The leaders of 4 pre-formation Co-operatives and Andrew Ward CEO of incubator.coop to be sharing information on starting Co-operatives.

This will cover location-based and “platform” web-based Co-operatives.

With an in-depth look at
1. Verge Co-housing (Elle Vallance)
2. Valley and Plains Renewable Energy Co-operative (@Rachel Brdanovic)
3. Chooks SA Platform Co-op (Moira Were) and 
4. TideWater workers Co-op(@Sir Charlie Madden)

Enjoy local catering and catch up with others who are similarly motivated.

This evening event is made possible with support from Green Industries SA.


Get your tickets: https://events.humanitix.com.au/co-op-incubator-community-w…