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Re-send Verification Link

First, an apology, Sorry

The system for the member site is ‘clunky’.  It takes between 1 – 15 minutes for a verification code to be sent to you based on some techno-wizardry beyond our control.  The website allows you to pay for Membership without having first clicked on the verification link.

The ‘verification link’ needs to be clicked prior to you accessing the “Members Area” as either a Social User or Member.

The verification links, again due to techno-wizardry beyone our control – also sometimes get sent to Spam or Trash on a would-be Members email.

All this makes for a very poor first up experience.  We apologise.  Sorry.

Re-Verification Instructions

  1. Click on this link
  2. Enter in the same email you used when you applied
  3. Wait 15-minutes, check your spam and/or trash 
  4. Whitelist incubator.coop so our email notifications get through in the future.
  5. You should receive the link and then be able to proceed

If you don’t receive the re-verification link please Contact Us

Get A New Verification Email Sent To You

If you missed the initial verification email, we apologise.  Sorry.  You can get a new one sent to you and then proceed.