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Platform Co-op’s Now!

The Platform Co-op’s Now Accelerator is a collaboration between The New School, Mondragon University and incubator.coop.

Trebor Scholz from the New Schoool and Jose Mari Luzarraga Monasterio of Mondragon University are delivering 8-weeks of best-in-the-world education that give emerging Platform Co-ops a great basis. 

The Platform Co-op’s Now Accelerator Program weaves into the 8-weeks of education and extends beyond for a further 12-weeks.  The outcome of the education and acceleration should be new Platform Co-op’s in Australia, which are the first cohort of new Platform Co-op’s all over the world.

Got a Platform Co-op Idea?

Incubator.coop is running an accelerator program for planning and building a Platform Co-op with world-class education and support.

Is this for you?

  • Pre-formation idea / New idea
  • Existing idea found overseas looking to be “contextualised” for Australia
  • Existing Co-operative or Startup looking to transition to a Platform Co-op

Course Commences 1st June 2020 and costs $150USD per person

Partner Organisation

Partner Organisation

Part 1.  Education

Part 1 is broken down into the first 4-weeks, part 1 A and the second 4-weeks part 1 B.

The Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy (ICDE) at The New School and Mondragon University.

Part 1 A (4 weeks)
Session 1 Inequality, Big Tech, the Gig Economy, & Possible Alternatives 2 hours
Session 2 The Cooperative Advantage 2 hours
Session 3 Scaling the Worker Co-op Model:  Platform Cooperatives 2 hours
Session 4 Scaling the Worker Co-op Model:  Platform Cooperatives 2 hours

Part 1 B (4 weeks)
Course participants must enter into teams of 3+ around a Platform Co-op idea they wish to establish.

Part 1 B is an initial 4-week intensive business development phase, where the following 10 sessions will be used to collate your business plan.  

Session 1  Introduction & Basic Team Tools 3 hours
Session 2 The Need, Opportunities, & Idea Market  3 hours
Session 3  The Creation & Business Idea Generation 3 hours
Session 4  Analysis Business Idea Environment & Value Proposition 3 hours
Session 5  Customer Validation, Testing, Prototype, & First Minimum Viable Product 3 hours
Session 6 Platform Co-Op Business Model Generation 3 hours
Session 7  Technology Frame, User Stories, & Technological Pathways 3 hours
Session 8 Financial Frame, Business Plan Feasibility, Impact Investment Strategy 3 hours
Session 9 Communication Strategy & Pitching 3 hours
Session 10 Public Online Presentation, Platform Co-Op Teams Challenge & Feedback 3 hours

Each of the 10 x 3-hour session will consist of learning materials, team-based facilitated discussion and team-based assignments that progress towards a business plan. 

This 8-week course is normally valued at US$5000 per person.  Via this program the same not-for-credit course is US$150 per person. 

Participants will learn from and contribute to the Platform Co-operativism Resource Library. https://resources.platform.coop/

Part 2. Acceleration

Incubator.coop has been selected by the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy (ICDE) at The New School and Mondragon University as the “local partner” for Australia.

Anyone taking part in the education course may also apply to join an Platform Co-op’s Now Accelerator Program that will leverage the course content from our distinguished international education providers and the resources of incubator.coop

The Platform Co-op’s Now Accelerator is limited to 8-teams with at least 3-members in each team.  Each team will have the support and resources of incubator.coop to help them quickly scope, plan and start building their Platform Co-op.

The Accelerator Program requires teams to apply for one of the limited positions.

Successful applicants will be required to pay for the Accelerator Program component over and above the modest course fees (education).

Applicants may be entitled to a bursary for some or all of their fee for the Platform Co-op Now Accelerator Program, but conditions apply (see application form)

Accelerator Overview

Part 2 (4-weeks of Part 1 B and 12-weeks of incubation)
In the second part of this course you will take the business plan formed in Part 1 B – and make it real.  This will involve scoping and building technology, defining your Co-op rules and structure, organising and securing required funding, initial member engagement, path-to-market etc 

During this phase you will be supported through incubation by Program Managers Andrew Ward (Wardy) and Rohan Clarke.  Each has extensive hands-on experience with Co-operative Development.  The Program managers will actively help you connect with incubator.coop members, professional service providers, clients, key staff and help your team make “break throughs”.

Not all course participants in part 1 A & B will continue into Part 2.  Part 2 is on application and teams must pay (or have sposnorship) to cover the incubation fees of $6250.

Apply for the Accelerator Program