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Book Your New Member Interview

We would love you to join incubator.coop and help us on the mission of creating a future that’s everyones business.

It is really important that you recognise being a member has responsibility.  You must be able to pass the active membership test.  You will also (if you become a Member) have an equal vote on how the incubator operates.  Clearly being a member is much more than being merely a ‘customer’ or ‘user’ as you would be in any corporate endeavour.

The process for becoming a Member is naturally more involved and requires you to:

1. Book in a time that suits.

2. As per your preference you’ll be phoned, G+’d, Zoom’d or Skyped and then personally taken through the required steps

3. Use your interview to assess us too.  Ask questions or get clarity on how we’ll help you establish your Co-op project or to work with others on an existing Co-op project.

We look forward to welcoming you to incubator.coop and we look forward to producing new Co-ops together.