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What Does A Member Get?

There are many benefits to being an Incubator.coop member

If you joined Incubator as a Social Member only, please become a member here which will allow you to take advantage of the below benefits, or join our facebook group to rejoin our community.


We recently removed our own social network plugin from incubator.coop.  We found Members lacked engagement with the idea of having yet ‘another’ social media platform to maintain. 

We have a Members Only Facebook Group and a general Facebook Page.  Connect with each other here. 

Get Assistance

Members of incubator coop no longer have to find it hard hard to do sweat for equity, deferred payment or team member agreements.

Using the Member2Member Treaty (that incubator.coop facilitates) you can create flexible honour-bound understandings (hence the name Treaty) between a Project and its team members, service providers and even volunteers.

This is particularly useful for pre-formation Projects that aren’t legally incorporated, but still require work to be done.  These inputs can be accounted for and honoured if and when the time comes that the Project is now a business and in the position to repay its pre-fromation costs.


Incubator.coop can auspice your Project.  This is particularly useful prior to having formed and thus prior to having a bank account, ABN and other requirements usually needed in order to crowdfund, sell event tickets, seek contributions etc.

We utilise the Open Collective platform for this service.

Your Project can become a collective where Incubator.coop is the ‘fiscal host’ – or auspicing organisation.


Members of incubator.coop can do courses, webinars, ask a question or participate in accelerator programs (when run).

Our education particularly focuses on pre-formation stages of Co-operatives.  However, existing community-owned and member-owned businesses may also find this content relevant.

Webinars are usually expert-led or panels and happen in response to demand by our Members.  

We have a facility where you can submit your Co-op question and we’ll get it at HQ.  Then, like magic we get the expert membership of incubator.coop to give you a response.


If you need assistance just fill in this “Get An Answer” form

Talk With Other Members Via Facebook

Join our Private Facebook Group to talk with other co-operative builders.

Got A Platform Co-op Idea?

Commencing June 1st 2020, Incubator.coop is providing the Australian content of Platform Co-op’s Now Course and Accelerator.

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