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NeedsMap Australia

NeedsMap Australia is one of 8 Projects going through the incubator.coop Accelerator Program.  

The cohort consists of:




Verge CoHousing A CoHousing Co-op (Adelaide, SA) Elle Vallance
Valley and Plains Renewable Energy A renewable energy Co-op (Barossa Valley, SA) Rachel Brdanovic
Rock and Ranges Craft Brewery Co-op A Co-op micro brewery (Macedon Ranges, VIC) Luke Spievogal
TideWater A Worker Co-op with an innovation that de-salinates seawater into freshwater using tide and gravity energy only (Adelaide, SA) Sir Charlie Madden
Loconomics Australia Platform Co-op for booking household and personal services from local suppliers (Melbourne, VIC) Sam Waterhouse
NeedsMap Australia A platform for connecting charitable needs with donors using a smart-map interface (Melbourne, VIC) Rohan Clarke
Chooks SA A 2000+ strong online community fighting for gender equality seeking to become a Co-op (Adelaide, SA) Moira Were
Carbon Farming Collective A platform for trading of ACCU (Carbon offsets) using blockchain settlements (Townsville, QLD) Daryl Killin


Origin Melbourne Type Platform Co-op Stage Early

The idea: NeedsMap is a map-based data matching platform based on in-kind transfers that brings those in need and those who want to help together. It matches basic needs of individuals (e.g. clothes, shoes, bags, coats, and blankets), as well as a range of needs for NGOs, public schools, cooperatives, voluntary groups, social platforms and community centres

Noteworthy: NeedsMap won their spot in the accelerator at the NENA 2018 conference by pitching for localisation services.

Strengths: Leveraging from overseas experience.


  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Exec time
  • Funding for participants and interplay with structure type

What they need:

  1. Website: localisation
  2. Charity network reach out
  3. Funding

Founder Notes: Rohan Clarke – treasurer at incubator.coop and founder of Geddup.com is representing NeedsMap in Australia for the accelerator.


What is the Accelerator Program?

Beginning on the 4th of February and running for 8-weeks is the first Accelerator Program being run for creating new member-owned organisations.

There are already many incubators for investor-owned companies and even some incubators for social enterprises, but this is the first incubator run to assist the creation of new member-owned businesses.

The incubation process takes an idea – or Project – through 4-stages: Forming, Organising, Funding and Operating.

A project is improved upon at each stage with the direct assistance of the membership of Incubator Co-operative.  For example a Project might need a website and they will agree a deferred-payment arrangement with a web designer who is also a member of incubator.coop.

Not all projects will offer deferred-payment arrangements, some will pay directly for work, some will ask for a freebie and some will offer the equivalent type of sweat-for-equity arrangement that a startup might provide.

Incubator.coop provides the ‘ecosystem’ that allows members to assist Projects through the critically important early stages of formation, planning, launching and compliance of member-owned organisations.

Do you want to help the NeedsMap Australia Project?

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