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Learn More About Platfrom Co-op’s Now Course?

25 Australians have commenced the Platform Co-ops Now Course put on by Mondragon and the New School.

The first 4 seesions (4 weeks) we were part of a global cohort getting a background in the digital platform economy.  In recent weeks the Australian cohort has been formed into the following project groups are working through a 10-step “learn and do” phase.

Pitch Summaries:

FairBnB: Localising this Italian Platform Co-operative in Australian.  It returns 50% of fees to the community where accommodation has been booked.

Loconomics: A 2-sided marketplace where locals can buy business services from locals.  Loconomics takes less margin and offers advanced features for businesses providing local services.

Get.coop: There’s a growing demand for distributed organising software by Unions and similar member-owned organisations.  Get.coop allows them to share and evolve this common asset on behalf of members.

Waste Logistics Platform: Only in the textbooks is the circular economy a connected economy.  This platform addresses the issue of matching and logistics in “waste production” and demand with “next-markets”. 

The Rural Woman:  An existing 3000-strong community of female micro entrepreneurs transforming from a Corporation to a Member-owned organisation and sharing in the development and ongoing support of the digital platforms they support.

Artisanal B2B:  Artisanal products can be packaged to complement each other and result in greater sales volume for participants.  However consignment, escrow, trust, logistics, returns and other issues prevent this happening at scale.  The proposed platform addresses these issues with an artisanal aesthetic / look and feel.

Community Media:  Cooperatively-governed community-owned media platform aimed at regional areas that have seen their local papers close or go digital.

Immerse Yourself In The Future

This video by Jose Mari Luzzarraga and Andrew Ward looks at the context and relevance of Platform Co-operatives

How Can You Get Involved

Members of incubator.coop have an opportunity to help any / all of these projects go from business plan to ‘real’. 

Members can simply ask, via our “concierge service” for introductions to the project proponents.  Introductions will be made and then you and the project proponents can see if there is a mutually agreeable way that allows you to contribute.

Join as a Member?