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Incredible Tools

With thanks to Get Mutual there is now a Constitution Builder and Disclosure Statement Builder that start up Co-ops can use to build these essential tools for their Co-operative.

Get Mutual

The Get Mutual Co-op Builder provides assistance to draft all 3 co-op types in all Australian States and Territories – yes, even Queensland.  The standardises rules from the Co-op Builder provide for a simple co-op model with a simple governance structure best suited for a small start-up
The non-distributing co-op versions have the correct Not For Profit clauses for ease of registration with the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission (ACNC).
There is a “library” of active membership rules to suit consumer, producer and worker co-ops.
The initial library is small, but as a quid pro quo for using the free resource, new co-ops are asked to subscribe to the BCCM newsletter and consider letting us use their active membership rule to keep the library growing.
Users who complete the Co-op Builder will be able to download a folder of start up resources which include useful documents like a members’ register, directors’ register, Meeting Notices, Director consent forms, share certificates and proxy forms to name a few.