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The Co-op Incubator Limited (G0003590R) is a registered in Co-operative in Victoria, Australia.

Co-Op Incubator is also registered for GST and has an ABN (90 260 094 145) issued via ASIC.

Our Platform User Agreement (Code of Conduct) describes how each Member should behave and also warns against behaviours that violate our agreed standards.  Failure to discharge the duties of a Member in accordance with these standards can result in suspension or termination of your account and Membership within the Co-operative.  Read them before signing up.

All our notes from Board Meetings of Incubator.coop are found here

Platform User Agreement

How Members behave within the Incubator is vitally important to creating a “safe” and “useful” member experience.  No one wants to join or stay in a crowd-sourced incubator that tolerates bullying, fraud, trolling or general “dick-headed-ness”.

Our Co-op Rules

Joining Incubator.coop is a bigger commitment than signing up to just a website.  If you become a Member of any Co-operative – including Co-op Incubator Limited – then you have to satisfy the ‘active membership’ test and other obligations.

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