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Planning Community and Co-operative Enterprise



Many well-intentioned people are keen to operate a business which will provide employment and/or other benefits for their community. However, even with the best of intentions and willing workers, community businesses do not always succeed.

This self-paced course is intended to assist individuals and organisations understand some fundamental concepts around establish a successful community and co-operative enterprises by acquiring the business knowledge and skills needed.



After you have read through this kit and completed the activities you should:

   (1)   understand many of the terms used in running a small business

   (2)   understand how to run a small business

   (3)   understand how community and co-operative enterprises are organised

   (4)   be able to assess the chances for success of your business idea


Organisation of the Kit

Module 1 is designed to help you understand how small business operate in general and how community and co-operative business operate in particular.

Module 2 is designed to show you how to assess the chances of success for your business idea. You will find worksheets at the end of each unit. It is important to complete these as they will allow you to work out whether your business idea is likely to succeed.


How To Use This Kit

This resource kit can be completed at your own pace. 

A list of useful words is available, you will see some terms that are hyperlinked. If you are not sure of the meaning of a particular term, click on the word and it will direct you to the ‘Useful Words’ page for its definition.

A practical approach to community and co-operative enterprises is used in this kit. Examples and case studies are used where possible. Each unit contains a number of quizzes. It is important that you can complete these quizzes as they are designed to help you understand the information provided. Answers to the activities / quizzes are provided.

Finally, a summary of the information contained in each unit and a quiz are provided. The summary and your answers to the previous quizzes will help you complete the final quiz. Answers to the quizzes will be provided after completion of each quiz.


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