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The problem with developing Co-operatives is that there is a lot to get your head around.  If it’s down to you or a small team you may not have the requisite skills or experience. 

You’ve got everything that any business in startup mode needs to work out like finance, IT, design, staffing, legals, product etc but then you have additional things that only member-owned businesses have to do. 

If this problem sounds familiar to you then you will love these new resources.

Join us every Monday from 12-noon Sydney time until 1-pm Sydney time for the latest Webinars.

These webinars are provided by experts and provide you with tools and experience so you can accelerate your development.

To join click on this link at noon on Monday (you must have Zoom installed).

This coming Monday the 11th of Feb the webinar topic is Audience Segmentation and is presented by Sharon Ede.

These Webinars are public, so you can join these without having to join as a member of incubator.coop. 

Sharing this resource with a friend who is keen to learn more about incubator.coop is a great idea.  So bring them along and enjoy learning together.

Monday noon to 1pm

Upcoming Webinar Speakers

11/2/19 – Sharon Ede on audience segmentation – Recording

18/2/19 – Andrew Ward on Business Planning – Recording

25/2/19 – Paul Barnett on Validating Your Assumptions – Recording

4/3/19 – Rohan Clarke on Co-op Funding – Recording

11/3/19 – Jill Storey on Crowdfunding – Recording

18/3/19 – Tristan Boyd on Execution – Recording

25/3/19 – Antony McMullen on Member-readiness – Recording