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Dear Members,

The board of Incubator.coop are pleased to inform you of our upcoming AGM. How does the second AGM in 2019 affect you?

3 ways:

  1. Ahead of the AGM we want to refine the strategy to maximise member value.  We need your input via this two-minute survey – please respond by 5pm 19th November.
  2. We also have 2 Director vacancies coming up.  Will you nominate?
  3. As a member you should exercise your vote.  Here is your notification for the AGM 6:30pm – 7:30pm on the 26th of November, 2019 (Zoom link here) Proxy form here.

The Notice of Annual General Meeting

Incubator.coop didn’t hold an AGM in 2018.  2018 was instead held earlier in 2019.  

We have to hold a second AGM in 2019 to bring us in line with reporting requirements. 

Next year and every year after that the AGM will be in November.

From the board of Incubator.coop, we look forward to seeing many of you in person or via Zoom at our AGM on the 26th November.

On behalf of the Secretary of Co-op Incubator Ltd

A J McMullen

Secretary, Co-op Incubator Ltd. 


AGM Notice