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Why You Should Apply To Join The Accelerator Program?

The whole idea of incubator.coop is that we enable the members of our Co-op, to support the pre-formation development of new Co-ops. like never before.  Participants in this program will get

  1. Dedicated and persistent support from the membership of incubator.coop
  2. Consulting delivered by each of the Board as required by each participant
  3. Weekly coaching and support.
  4. New services like access to grants assistance
  5. Assistance to “Draft” of your Constitution and Rules
  6. Updated IT infrastructure including website
  7. Free instance of Geddup community engagement software
  8. Professional consult on setup for social media.
  9. Professional consult on Financial Management, Capital Raising and Risk Management
  10. PR and
  11. More

Who Should Apply?

If you have a great Co-operative idea but you’re not sure how to progress the idea beyond where it currently is, then this accelerator program may be for you.  If you have an early, mid or late stage idea you are welcome to apply.

The applications are open for ideas that are pre-formation Co-operatives.

If you are a “Founder” or “Group” or “Group of Co-Founders” you should apply as one idea.

What Does The Accelerator Program Provide

Each week over the 8-weeks the winning participants will be led through the Forming, Organising, Funding and Operating stages of incubation.  This will result in the creation of real world assets for the pre-formation Co-operative.

The participants will receive a personalised plan at the beginning of the Program that will cater to their stage of development.  For early ideas, participants should be ready faster than if they were going it alone and for later stage ideas, participating in this could see them successfully launched.

Conditions, Criteria and Costs

  • 1 application per idea
  • Each idea may have from 1 – 5 people that are participating in the Accelerator Program via association with the idea.
  • You must be willing to apply for your participation in the program
  • If successful, each participant must be supported by a team willing to do 4 hours per week on this program.  There is no upper limit for participation, meaning if you or your team want to and can work full time on this project, then you can do so with support from the program.
  • There will be 3 Program Participants selected from the applications that will be ‘free’
  • If your team is able to pay for the accelerator program, then the costs are $4800 + GST.

Program Timeline

  • Apply using this form
  • Applications close on the 30th of October 2018
  • 3 “winners” of free places in the accelerator will be announced on 10th of November 2018
  • Pre-program assessments with each group will happen in late November and early December
  • Participants will start and complete their custom accelerator program in Q1 of 2019.

Sponsors of this Accelerator Program by incubator.coop