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Platform Co-op’s Now Course

The online team entrepreneurship course that fosters the development of new platform cooperatives and the creation of a global community.

What you’ll learn from this course:

● Advance your understanding of platform capitalism and the gig economy

● Learn about worker cooperatives

● Develop an action plan for your platform co-op

When markets fail and safety nets of governments break down, people cooperate, organize, and show possibilities for building a better world. When the government does not invest enough to stop structural inequalities and racism, regulate big tech companies, or create digital infrastructure, what do people do? What choice do they have but to turn to each other? 

In moments of crisis, things that had been considered impossible can become common sense: The Great Depression gave rise to the original New Deal. Platform co-ops can be the new common sense, providing better livelihoods now!  

This course equips participants with the skills they need to succeed as cooperative entrepreneurs in the fast-growing gig economy. It allows learners to study and get involved with a generation of young, cooperative entrepreneurs.

Course Details

August 30, 2021 – December 17, 2021

Part 1 (August 30—September 30):16 hours spread out over 4 weeks (4 hours of lectures broken up into 15 minutes topical segments, 1 hour-long global zoom meeting a week, 3 hours of reading, writing, online discussion per week) – Complete as a global cohort.

Part 2 (October 4—December 17): 50 hours spread out over 10 weeks (10 hours of lectures, 8 hours of Zoom meetings, 8 hours of local partner meetings, and 16 hours of teamwork). The total time commitment, including lectures, discussion, and teamwork over 10 weeks, is 66 hours – Complete as a local cohort.

To successfully graduate, participants will submit the following material.

● Research Track:
Researchers, interested policymakers, and people with other, non-entrepreneurial backgrounds submit a 3000-word paper.

● Entrepreneurs produce a 500-word essay and a 3-minute video for Part 2.

This is a pass/fail certificate course.  Successful participants receive a certificate as shown.

What’s the cost?

The course costs for Australian students doing the research pathway is $150 US Dollars paid to The New School.

The course costs for Australian students doing the co-operative entrepreneur pathway is more to cover costs incurred by incubator.coop in delivering Part 2 locally.  These are $150 USD paid to The New School and $150 AUD paid to incubator.coop.  Part 2 co-operative entrepreneur pathway students can decide which pathway they wish to take at the end of Part 1 and will be billed separately for the Australian delivery at that time. 

What is in it for me / my community?

There are many benefits to this course

● Learn about platform capitalism, the gig economy, and the cooperative digital economy

● Understand the process of building a platform co-op

● Familiarise yourself with the ecosystem of platform co-ops

● Connect with hundreds of people in this global community

● Develop a business plan and deck for your project

● Learn new skills

● Work with local partner organisations

● Share your existing knowledge and experience

● Join our post-course alumni network


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