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Creating a future that’s everyone’s business

Why a Co-operative to make new Co-operatives

Co-operative businesses need incubation like any other type of business.   Incubation requires skilled and experienced people to do stuff before the business can be formed and operate. 

Incubator.coop allows Projects (pre-formation Co-operatives) looking for those people a place to find them. 

These people are “us”, the membership of incubator.coop.

As a Member you benefit in providing those skills to the Projects you want to support.  Members can use the tools we developed to do their work confidently, despite the uncertain conditions.

Check out the results we achieve

Platform Co-operatives

Platform Co-operative’s operate online and members tend to be more geographically dispersed than a traditional Co-operative where members enjoy geographic proximity.

Local Co-operatives

Local Co-operatives are member-owned, democratically controlled and serving the local community with services, products or infrastructure that they need.

Co-op Member

  • Vote on the direction of incubator.coop
  • Access courses, webinars, web-tools and software
  • Exchange with other Members using the security of a Treaty